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West Suburban Veterinary Associates, 518 N Warwick Ave., Westmont, IL 60559 PH: 630 968-4212, FAX: 630 968-4354
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The CSPCA Charitable Trust needs your support through donations to continue vital research projects. Your donation is tax deductible.

RASP (Rescue A Shar-Pei) is a volunteer group with a concern for abandoned and abused Shar-Pei in Illinois / Indiana / Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

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     This section of the web site will contain helpful information concerning the care of you Shar-Pei. This will include brief articles on ear care, grooming suggestions, bathing, nail trimming, etc. The information is based on my experience and techniques I use with my dogs and in my veterinary practice. That doesn't mean there aren't other ways to do things and I hope to include those as well. I will tend to not give specific brand names of products unless I feel it is absolutely necessary.
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